Saturday, March 19, 2011


     Relationships are an area that requires people to be intentional. Anything that involves another human being takes work. Too often we become lazy in our relationships with one another. Being a wife & mother are just a couple relationships in my life that require me to choose the other person over myself. Marriage isn't always an easy task. Much change has to take place within myself and I don't always find that kind of change too exciting. Being a mother tends to come naturally for me...most of the time. Sometimes I grow weary of taking care of people who need me everyday. My efforts and willingness to work at a relationship are challenged when things are not easy-when problems arise within one of these relationships and I see who I really am in the midst of conflict.
     I've recognized times where I can be more intentional with my wonderful husband and children. More and more I have understood why love is a choice, especially in marriage. When I've had an argument with my husband or I feel unappreciated, it's easier to be cold than to love. When it seems that every ounce of myself has been used up in a day and my children ask me to play a game or read a story, it takes some effort to spend time with them in that moment. I don't want to lose the opportunity to build these relationships. I can't say that I succeed each time because, lets face it - selfishness gets in the way. No one said relationships would be easy. At the end of the day when everyone is sleeping peacefully in their beds, I'm reminded of the calling I've been given as wife & mom. I become humbled and grateful at the vast responsibility I've been given and I strive to exchange my coldness for love & my selfishness for willingness the next time around.


  1. I really understand this. Especially the bedtime routine stuff. It's hard not to be grumpy with the ones we love most when something is bothering us that isn't even their fault or issue. Love the sentence "my selfishness for willingness the next time around."

  2. With our kids, bedtime was always the time they asked the deepest questions...just when I wanted to crash into my own bed! I'm glad to see you making these investments and sacrificing yourself. It will pay off in huge dividends for the kingdom of God!